Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Personal Calling cards

Just finished being inspired by a recent blog entry over at Hobo Mama. Her idea was to basically create a personal card, like a business card, to hand out to people that you would like to get to know further.

So here is mine:


and the back is just lines so I can write something a bit specific (if I want):


Now to buy some ink for my printer…


  1. Those are soooooo cute! I love the idea of the lines on the back, because it's so customizable. Good luck finding ink! That's always my problem, too. Well, actually, it was paper yesterday. :)

  2. I am all over that:

    $10 for 200 cards. nice.

  3. I actually made one very similar to that here with Kodak. They offered 20 free mom cards that week. I have yet to give any away.