Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I am moving interstate

Today I just started packing. I went out and bought a whole heap of boxes and just started packing. Twenty-four hours ago I had no idea I would be packing, and now I am.

I am moving to live near my family. I have been attempting, with little success, to make parenting more social and it is just not happening. There is a huge part of me wants to see this project through, to stick it out and make my tribe work. However last night I had an epiphany, everything became clear, I am struggling and I have a big loving family that live interstate. I need to go live near them.

I have been talking about moving closer to my family for years. At least twice in the past three years I have said “We will definitely be living near you by Christmas” and twice Christmas has come and gone. I love the idea of family, I love everything from spending a big Christmas day together, to a quick coffee during a lunch break. After being married moving just never seemed an option, my husband has always been fairly attached to this area.

Now I realise, as I struggle with the daily life pseudo-solo parenting our four month old daughter, that I really need help. I have been saying this for a while, but it finally occurred to me that I do have help available, I just have to relocate interstate to get it. I am the type of person that tries to fix every problem that I see, I saw this as a chance to find a solution to what I saw as a problem that new mother constantly face. I now realise that I need to stop trying to fix the world and just allow myself to be fixed.

With that in mind I decided to start packing boxes and to move close to my family. I have no intentions of giving up this particular fight though. Actually it is quite the opposite, the fact that I have been driven to move my family interstate, giving up friends, the job that I know and the organisations I am involved with, only increases the passion and conviction that I feel toward a need for change.


  1. So is the 'Interstate' that you're moving to anywhere near the people who have posted that they like your idea but live elsewhere? ;-)
    I hope that it works out really well for you!
    Note to self: must just get off my butt and build on those relationships and make them stronger so that they can be leaned on.

  2. I hope some of the people live near me. I do not think so though. I will definetly continue all my efforts once I move. It will be a bit harder without knowing any 'friends' where I am going though.

  3. You are such an inspiring woman Cassie, to just all of a sudden realise that you CAN do this, you CAN fix your loneliness, even if you do have to move interstate-and to just make such a spur of the moment decision and actually follow through is amazing and takes a whole lot of strength. Goodluck with everything, I bet you are very very excited! xo

  4. Thanks you make me feel good.. I am kind of freaked out too (and excited).

  5. I can imagine the mix of emotions you are feeling! Gosh that would be so exciting though! Good on you guys!

  6. I envy you your strength to make such a decision. I imagine you are feeling a sense of relief now that you have a plan. Not moving to Vic are you?

  7. Closer to Newcastle..