Monday, March 8, 2010

Doing it again

Getting together to cook was so much fun, so was our day getting clothes organised. I want to keep the momentum going. However two weeks have gone by and I still have not managed to get all three of us together. I do not feel like this is supposed to be something that happens once a month, I really feel like it should be happening several times a week.

The problem is that it can be hard to find a day when we are not busy. We are like tornado people – so busy doing our own things that other people cannot get close to us. I think once we do figure it out we will be a super tornado (how far can I take this analogy?), for now it is a lot of work trying to get us together.

I have finished reading Robin Grille’s book “Heart to Heart Parenting”1 the final chapter offered some practical ideas. Actually I was really surprised by the chapter, as it mirrors this blog, although written more eloquently, in many ways. The chapter talks about what it would mean to be a well-supported parent, and the practicalities of forming a parenting group.

I particularly appreciate the following thought of his:

How often should a parenting group meet? As often as you’d like. How about meeting with at least one other parent (if not the whole group) every day? For a short while at least? Or almost every day? Can you allow yourself to envisage never having to be alone? Can you imagine only being alone, or alone with you child, when you actually want to be? What if the time of early childhood parenting can be the best time you have had in your life?

The quote has made me start thinking about doing some visits of my own. Maybe it is time for me to get out of my house and make sure I visit someone, or am visited by someone, every day. In fact as I type this I realise that it is a very good goal. Starting tomorrow I will do just that for a month, I want to just say a week, but I need a great goal, every single day even weekends.

1Grille, R. (2008). Heart to Heart Parenting. Pymble: Harper Collins.


  1. Cassie, I have just sat here and read your whole blog, and I LOVE it! It is now at the top of my blog reading list while I have 'me' time to sit down and unwind at night. I can't wait to read more xo

  2. Thanks!
    Well I have done a visit every day since posting this blog, and have visits planned up until next thursday.. so it is working well, and I am feeling at lot more at ease... stay tuned for a blog update!