Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dancing Phalanges

There are mornings when you do absolutely anything to get just half an hour more sleep.

The trouble is you end up doing what my brother calls 'dancing phalanges', that is when he waves his hand in front of her and says "dancing phalanges". It never stops her grizzling but he never stops trying. We all have our own version of dancing phalanges, something that we do instead of meeting the actual need of the child. A dancing phalange always seems easier but if it is not meeting her need, than it is not going to work.

I am lying semi-reclined in bed as I type this. My four month old daughter is on my lap. I am wiggling butt in an effort to get her to settle. It is not working. The problem is that laying in bed juggling her on my lap trying to get fifteen more minutes sleep is a waste of effort. She is not going to settle until I meet her need, but I am too tired to do more this dancing phalange.

She has been whinging, which I believe is how a four month old baby politely asks for something, for about twenty minutes. I know she needs my full attention, but I am still half-asleep. I foolishly stayed awake until eleven o'clock last night. I say foolishly because my little girl conked out at half past four in the afternoon. Yes, you read that correctly. This was a good clue that she would probably be wide awake by five in the morning. I should have prepared myself by also going to bed early.

When you are pregnant with your first baby people give you lots of advice. One piece of advice that I was given that actually made complete sense was to sleep when baby sleeps. This is very wise advice. The trouble is that it is very difficult to follow. If I had followed this advice I would have averaged seven hours per night of unbroken sleep for the past month. What I actually do is attempt to do a days worth of pre-baby activities in three hours. Leaving just four hours for me to sleep before she wakes. Every morning I wake up still tired and I tell myself that I will go to bed early tonight, and every night I stay up for hours trying to bring balance to my day.

This is how it comes about that I am laying in bed trying to make her sleep longer. I know it is not going to work but I cannot help but try. This is also why at four o'clock in the afternoon, yes it took me all day to write this blog entry, as I lay her down in bed I think about how wise it would be to sleep early, but I know that I will not.

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  1. Stolen from "Bones". One of my personal favourite quotes.